Collection SS20 ‘Delos’

The Prehistoric Cycladic Folded Armed Figure turned into a modern piece of POP Art combined with the Lion once graced the famous ‘Terrace of the Lions‘ on the sacred island of Delos.


Collection SS21 ‘Serifos’

Main character Cyclops Polyphemus, the one-eyed giant, who resided in the Cycladic Island of Serifos and who was blinded by Odysseus and his companions, on their return to Ithaca.

NEW Collection SS22 ‘Santorini’ 

Our beloved island of Santorini grants us with multiple elements such as the Famous Caldera, the Rebel Donkey, the Explosive Volcano, the Romantic Sunset and the Glorious Grapes designed in our POP and Bold way to dress our upcoming prints. Stay Tuned…


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About the brand

100% Greek Brand

Folded Arm Figures – FAF is a kids’ fashion brand based in Athens, Greece.
At FAF Kidswear we design and produce exclusively in Athens and create a sustainable option for children’s clothing with passion in everything that matters.